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Manufacturer of Continental Diesel Aircraft Engines

Thielert Aircraft Engines GmbH has gradually acquired an outstanding reputation as an international provider of innovative kerosene piston aircraft engines and hi-tech and engine components in general aviation, which is now after acquisition and renaming into Technify Motors continued as part of the Continental Motors Group.


Our many years of expertise accumulated in the construction and production of high-performance motors for motor racing provided the basis for the innovative kerosene piston aircraft engine project. In 2001, the company received developer and manufacturer certification in accordance with JAR (Joint Aviation Requirements), which was a decisive step toward the development and production of aircraft engines. Certification as a maintenance organization for piston aircraft engines, engine integration, and propeller control systems followed three years later.


The company has built up its global sales and service network in recent years and currently has 25 sales partners and almost 350 service centers in 60 countries around the world. This allows the aircraft engine manufacturer to perform service and maintenance work on the Continental Diesel engines on a global level.


Engines from the Continental Diesel series have now been certified for use in all major global markets. The company also holds supplemental type certification for many types of propeller and small aircraft models, such as for the Cessna 172, Cessna 206, and Piper PA 28 series. A significant market share has been secured with the sale of more than 2,000 Continental Diesel engines being sold since their introduction in 2002 (Centurion® 1.7) and in 2007 (CD-135).

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